Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers was formed in 2010 by Adam Abdalla. A Professional Engineer with over 12 years experience in residential construction, structural, civil engineering, project management.

In the beginning, Adam was raised in a family of construction experts, watching his father build many houses throughout the 90's, he began to see exactly what clients demanded, quality levels not only in construction but in professional documentation and processes which delivered sucessfull deliverables that kept clients satisfied and continually coming back as well as the issues which he quickly learnt to avoid during planning stages.

After several years working with many builders, engineers, consultants, clients and national organisations, Adam decided a return to core design engineering delivery was the way forward, to provide clients with safe, efficient and cost effective projects and provide job satisfaction to those involved.

Key to this, is a lean management structure and the engagement of experienced, seasoned professionals with a shared passion for engineering and project delivery. These professional are actively involved in managing engineering projects from end to end and have direct contact with clients, which gives them a vested interest in successful project delivery.

Our Values

Our approach and philosophy to providing engineering services has been developed over many years, drawing on experiences in a variety of different organisations, from the very small consulting practices to national construction companies and across numerous industry sectors.

Our approach is captured in the following tenets:

  • Integrity – professional and technical to give our clients the most realistic and best practice to move forward.
  • Sustainability – how we manage our business and in design drawings and computations.
  • Safety – of our people and others, safety in design and practice.
  • Constructability – ensuring our designs are safe and realistic with todays up to date standards and methodology.
  • Innovation – in our design and management of projects.

As the future keeps coming, we adapt our processes and teams to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest.

How we work

At the heart of our business philosophy is a desire to develop long term partnerships with clients through the delivery of high quality projects that are on time and within budget. This philosophy shapes all of our business decisions and ensures that for each project we commit to, the resource implications are fully understood.

We now have a network of Consultants (our Associates) and partner organisations, all with a lean management structure and similar values and work ethics. We can therefore tailor our resources to suit specific project requirements and can add specialist services where required. We can work on projects of varying sizes from the one-off inspection to multi-million dollar new builds with engineering teams scaled to suit.

Our back office support and systems allows our project engineers as well as our associates to focus on project delivery and build on-going relationships with clients as we all have an interest in delivering successful projects.

All projects undertaken by the company will be managed by one of our consultants who will lead the civil/structural design and be the prime client contact and interface with other project team participants.

We believe that clients and project promoters need a degree of certainty with regard to engineering scopes and costs. Where project scopes are well defined we can provide lump sum fees, alternatively where scopes are less well defined we can work on hourly rates with a maximum estimated fee value.

I contacted Adam to do a crack inspection at my property. For the last 6 months I have had soooo many people giving me random opinions, quotes ranging from 13k to 50k to fix a small crack. From crack stitching, to underpinning to demolishing the entire wall.. I heard it all. Over time I was becoming increasingly worried by what everyone was telling me... I started to believe my house was structurally compromised and if I didn't spend that money to fix it will eventually fall down. A colleague of mine advised me that before I spend ridiculous amount of money trying to fix this one crack I should seek expert advice and get a structural engineer to look at it. Thats when I contacted Adam. Adam not only inspected the crack but looked all the around my property. Gave me such valuable advise and because of him not only I can sleep peacefully at night but I don't have to spend 52k fixing a simple crack that doesn't need doing anything. There are soooo many trades out there who will simply do anything to get some extra money from you. My only advice to everyone is.. please please spend that extra few hundreds and get expert to advice. These guys are patient, extremely professional and will give you the right honest advice. Thank you Adam. You are a blessing I hope you are able to help me in the future.

Sarah N - Mill Park - VIC

Our Clients are our most valuable assets. At Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers, we firmly believe that our satisfied clients are repeat clients and that they would refer us comfortably to friends and family. see what they have to say about us.

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