A new extension or renovation may add a great deal of value to your home.

Our clients approach us to provide them with design documentation to enable them to extend there existing homes. Often, walls are removed to provide a larger open space as well as changing the existing wall layout to increase room sizes.

We provide a one stop service, whereby we can organise all facets from design planning, structural design requirements, drafting, permit application, construction project management, and any other building services you may require. Contact us now to see how our engineering/ building team can assist you in improving your home to your needs.

Adam, from MCS, provided the onsite visit and inspection service to us. He was patient and willing to listen to all our questions. He provided the reassurance that we were looking for along with clear answers and sound advice. I would recommend MCS to anyone looking for advice on an property they intend to purchase or their own property.

Ameet Narendran - craigieburn - VIC
Extensions and Renovations

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