Footings are an important part of foundation construction. They are typically made of concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling. Footings are especially important in areas with troublesome soils.

The construction of footings is best left to the pros that can assess the soil conditions and decide on the proper depth, width and placement for the footings. The dimensions of footings also depend on the size and type of structure that will be built. Placement of footings is crucial to provide the proper support for the foundation and ultimately the structure.

Concrete footings may also be needed for projects such as a deck, pergola, retaining wall or other types of construction.

Adam came around and did an inspection of our house. He was very thorough, and addressed all our concerns. He gave us the reasons and solutions for the couple of issues that we need to deal with. Very informative and helpful. My mind has been put at rest as I know what I need to do, how it needs to be done and what trade to use. Adam is friendly, professional and his wealth of experience shows. He was happy to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers and use their business again. Thank you Adam

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Footing Design

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