There are different types of swimming pools. The most common pool styles are play pool, freeform pool, geometric pool, lap pool, diving pool, infinity pool, spool, and the perimeter overflow pool.

The play pool:
A play pool is quite shallow (Typically no deeper than 1.8m). Play pools can have a fun design, and are often created in different shapes.

The freeform pool:
A freeform pool is built generally to imitate a natural lagoon pool or small oasis. It will have a natural uneven shape, and will often have features around it like rocks and waterfalls to compliment the naturalistic style.

The geometric pool:
A geometric pool has even lines and features. Usually built in a rectangular shape, this pool is considered the "traditional swimming pool" style.

The lap pool:
Lap pools are built so that people can swim laps for health and fitness. They tend to be long and narrow.

The diving pool:
These pools are built deep; diving pools are usually 1.8 - 2.5m deep with a diving board or platform.

The infinity pool:
Infinity swimming pools (also referred to as infinity edge swimming pools, or negative edge pools) give the illusion that the edge of the pool extends to the horizon. This gives an optical illusion that the pool "has no edge", and looks as if the pool goes on to infinity.

The spool:
The word "spool" is a combination of the two words spa and pool. The spool is a smaller pool, more commonly seen as a large spa.

The perimeter overflow pool:
This pool is created by having the pool surface’s water level at the same level as the surround of the pool. The water of the pool drains into a notched perimeter around the pool.

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