Inspections during construction help to ensure that what is built remains consistent with what has been approved in the development consent and construction certificate, and that the building will meet acceptable standards of health, safety and amenity.

Mandatory critical stage inspections have now been introduced for the construction phase of development.

Mandatory critical stage inspections for all classes of buildings, including houses, garages and other domestic buildings (such as carports and pergolas).

Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers may be engaged to assess the condition pre slab pour, frame stage and as required by the building permit. Contact us to see how we can help you on 1300 12 4567

I was very happy with the service received from Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers. Adam was on time, even early. He thoroughly looked over our place, listened to everything I had to say about the areas I was concerned about. He then went in to detail about the areas of concern, gave solutions where needed and put my mind at rest on others. He was happy to go over things that I didn't quite understand. He also made sure I knew what trades to use for the different concerns and specific requirements to ask them. I am very happy to recommend Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers

Gena O'Keeffe - Essendon - VIC
Construction Stage Inspections

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