Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers assist our clients by providing an all round home inspection service you can rely on. Carrying out a wide range of inspection investigations, providing solutions and honest advice in connection with various structural matters including the following:

  • Residential Crack Inspections
  • Supervision of new and commercial works.
  • Structural defects, including settlement/subsidence of foundations and defective/unstable retaining walls.
  • Material defects, including spalling concrete, corrosion of steel and reinforcement, and timber decay and infestation.
  • Structural adequacy, including assessment of structural load carrying capacity, and fitness for purpose of structures such as mezzanine floors and storage areas.
  • Third party verification work.
  • Alterations and additions to existing buildings.
  • Site inspections to enable certification of construction.
  • Site superintendents for major infrastructure works.

Cracks in your home can be a very serious issue. Following the 2013 Melbourne wall collapse, the building control commission now known as Victorian Building Authority have strongly advised that cracks be investigated by qualified experienced engineers prior to serious health and safety issues arising.

Brick walls can become unstable in the following circumstances:

  • Where the wall has been modified or altered during building works.
  • Where basketball rings are attached to brick walls and children use them for "slam dunking".
  • Where brick walls have deteriorated and there is little or no mortar between the bricks.
  • Where the brick ties inside of the wall have either rusted or somehow become detached from the main supporting structural member.
  • Where long term water leaks have caused damage to the brick wall.
  • Where there has been foundation movement.
  • Where the wall has had its lateral supports removed.
  • Where bricks have expanded.
  • Where the brick wall has moved due to the expansion of other building members such as the timber frame or concrete supports.
  • Where the lintel supporting the garage door opening or other openings has deteriorated, or moved from position or been damaged.

It is recommended that building owners undertake the following maintenance checks:

  • Have a licensed plumber regularly inspect their building to ensure there are no leaks that may bring about the deterioration of the structural integrity of the building.
  • Check the brick wall for obvious cracks, bows in brick wall, deterioration of mortar between the bricks, loose brick and any other brickwork damage.
  • Use registered building professionals to undertake any building work.
  • Where required, obtain a building permit prior to undertaking the building work.

If you have any doubts about the structural integrity of your brick walls or structure in general, you should give urgent consideration to arranging an immediate inspection with Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers.

MCS Engineers were very helpful in highlighting where the cracks came from and how to remedy them during a site inspection. Great service and fast responses to emails during business hours was also appreciated.

Jennifer - Bundoora - VIC
Crack Inspections

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