Third Party Advice.

Often we are engaged to give a second opinion on structural concerns and findings related to causes to compare with insurance engaged engineers. Call us to see how we can help you.

Its no secret that some consultancies are biased towards there clients requirements in particular to larger organisations that provide ongoing works which form close relationships.

At Melbourne Civil & Structural Engineers, we undertake INDEPENDANT STRUCTURAL INSPECTIONS on behalf of our clients which does not favour any party in a dispute.

Our Engineers conduct an onsite inspection and form our own opinion as to root causes and existing conditions as well as rectification requirements. In order to be fair to all parties in particlar clients who feel that other reports may be biased towards a certain organisation, we let you know exactly what we feel is going on with no attachment to other opinions.

In the past, we have been contacted by clients who feel that engineering assessments carried out by other firms have been a biased and simply dont make sense. upon inspection, we also came to the same conclusions as our clients and dispute reports were created for comparison.

Some of our clients have saved upto $30,000 by simply contacting us for a second opinion. Such services are not limited to insurance claims only but contractors quotes as well as other engineering designs.

I contacted mcs engineers for removal of a wall between two rooms (bathroom and toilet) and they provided the CAD drawings and design. We are satisfied with the end result.

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Insurance Claim Disputes

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